Dry Fruit Cookies for All Occasions

Ever tried out the dry fruit cookies? If no, then you must get the taste of these crispy and melt-in-mouth decadent varieties. For vegans, these are available as eggless varieties and super easy to make. They offer the correct amount of sweetness and crunchiness from dry fruits. People love it for their crunchiness, bite and typical nutty flavor that linger into your mouth pleasing the taste buds for long. Butter Kaju cookies in Delhi make for a perfect snack to bring to your get-togethers, parties and as a gift to your family and friends.

Perfectly baked, most people prefer these cookies over the regular refined flour or cream based cookies. These are loaded with healthy ingredients and taste really good. The cookies are a huge hit among tea and coffee lovers. Since it is possible for storing them for long, you can buy in bulk and as gifts for your loved ones.

The Dry Fruits Cookies in Delhi are available in small packs and in bulk. Pack these to office and impress your colleagues. They would love to have a bite during lunch/tea breaks. People from different parts of the world love the taste of dry fruit cookies. You can order these in batches. Most manufacturers would also customize cookies to help their customers get the right kind of cookies. So if you wish to add nuts, seeds and dry fruits to your cookies with a handful of choco chips, simply let your cookie dealer know about it.

Want to bake these on your own? It isn’t tough. All you need is right tools, measuring capabilities, and baking equipment. A little experience in baking cookies won’t hurt. You can bake these on special occasions to treat your friends and colleagues.

Dry cookies are a great option for return gifts on your little one’s birthday. These can be packed in beautiful little boxes with your little one’s name and a message on it. The kids will love to take these little boxes of love back home.

Most of the manufacturers in India make this recipe vegan. All they do is substitute butter or margarine with vegetable shortening. No eggs are added to these cookies. Dry fruit cookies are also available as spicy butter biscuits or nankhatai (the shortbread biscuits).

These cookies are the ultimate grab-and-go meal for morning meal when getting late to the office. Loaded with essential nutrients such as fiber, protein, and potassium, you can have best of taste and health. Some of these are made from whole flour, oats and flavored with vanilla essence (or other as preferred by manufacturer).

Many of these cookies offer a textural medley of whole wheat flour, oats, grains, bananas, peanut butter, chopped nuts, dried fruits etc. The result is soft, perfect cookie that can be had with your morning cup of tea, packed for your baby’s lunch or the evening snacks. Your guests will be more than happy to get served with these mushy yet crunchy cookies with a cup of tea or coffee.

Are you looking forward to buy these cookies in bulk for a special occasion? Do you want these to be customized with a specific flavor? All you need to do is simply let the manufacturer know about it. This will help him offer you the best batch of cookies as per your specific requirements. Most of the dry fruit cookies are retailed in Delhi and available at decent prices. A bite or two won’t hurt your diet and help you enjoy your tea or coffee time. Get your own batch of nutrient rich cookies now!

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