5 Great Alternatives To Google Alerts – Find Them Below

Google Alerts is no longer a ‘wow’ option for businesses. The reason behind this is it lacks social media monitoring, analytics, media monitoring, customer support, and much more. Despite having numerous advantages, the tool fails to achieve the topmost position in the marketplace when it comes to brand reputation.

Are you still using Google Alerts? Well, we won’t ask you to completely avoid the tool. But we will suggest using alternative tools additionally. Here in this content, we have introduced some well-noted brand monitoring tools that work more effectively than Google Alerts. Use these tools and repair an online reputation for your brand.

5 Great alternatives to Google Alerts

1. Awario: Awario tool is as interesting as its name. It is the newest brand monitoring tool developed in 2015 to monitor blogs, social media, forums, news sites, reviews, and every brand activity in real-time.

The specialty of Awario is you can reply to the mentions directly from the app. From building interactions to providing rich analytics, finding influencers, sentiment analysis, and measuring business outreach, Awario has no comparison.

Awario has enterprise-level features that involve shareable report, white labeling, and data export. You can start with free but can simply pay a few bucks to access the extra leverages.

2. Mention: Mention, unlike Google Alerts, is an excellent tool that can generate accurate reports for businesses. It is responsible for monitoring social media and websites and has its unique set of features including dashboard and API access.

Like Google Alerts, Mention is more focused on real-time data. The report it generates is based on real-time and can be further customized and automated. With this tool, you will never find the reason to ignore it.

Although the tool’s primary target is large-scale enterprises, it coordinates equally well with the entrepreneurs and small agencies. With Mention, you can come across all brand mentions across all web sources. Be it is social media, forums, review sites, chatting sites, or any other web sources, the tool notifies the users whenever any new mention is added.

From getting online notifications to building reports, Mention can be used to attain all your purposes. Just try it out.

3. Sprout Social: Sprout Social has almost similar features as Mention. For example, you get access to customizable reports which you can create based on real-time data. The specialty of this tool is you can assign tasks for your team and schedule publishing content with this tool.

The best thing about this Sprout Social is you can view its feed in the form of statistics. All its data is in statistical form, allowing you to analyze the business performance clearly and accurately. Some prominent performance metrics that you can enjoy are based on engagement, impressions, sentiment, keywords, and so on.

4. Talkwalker: Talkwalker is the closest alternative to Google Alerts. Its well-featured version allows users to draw exceptional analytics that includes real-time text/image analysis and automated reports.

Like Google Alerts, Talkwalker is absolutely free and very easy to use. You can simply choose a keyword, enter your brand name and email address, set up alerts for your brand activities.

From keeping an eye on mentions from different sources to building analytics, the tool works exceptionally well for the businesses. Just check it out once before you regret it.

5. Brandwatch: Brandwatch is an extreme solution for enterprises. If you are wondering for a complete package to serve your business reputation, Brandwatch can certainly value your price.

Brandwatch platform consists of three separate products – Analytics used for analyzing online conversation, Vizia to visualize data, Audiences to get an insight into the targeted audiences.

From analytics to social media monitoring and review site monitoring, Brandwatch can be used for multiple purposes. It is accompanied with multiple filter options to make the searches easier and more accurate. The filter demographics include location, languages, gender, occupation, interests, and so on.


Google Alerts is free to use, simple, and easy to access. Still, it misses out on certain features that compel the users to look for other alternatives along with this tool.

Hence, relying on the tools mentioned above you can enjoy the specific benefits and good business health in the long-run.

Look for an ORM agency specialized in providing comprehensive services. Don’t worry about your reputation management price. It won’t cost you much. Rather will bless you with a greater ROI and more conversions in the near future.

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