Flip Book Software: A few must-have features!

This article talks about some must-have features of flip book software. Let’s get started.

Not to mention, change is inevitable and if this thing can’t be understood by present day publishers and entrepreneurs, they would be doomed.

This is the reason why with the passage of time, more and more publishers and entrepreneurs are accepting digitization and giving up traditional ways of doing things. Technology is changing as well, and each day new software programs are being launched.

In the present time, flip book software is the newest and the most advanced software for going through digital publications. No doubt, if you conduct a Google search, you would locate millions of results about flip book software in no time. You would find a lot of flip book software vendors who would claim to be the no. 1 in their industry. However, you should gauge their claim by looking at the features their software programs are offering.

Some of the features which your flip book must have are discussed below:

Works universally

The phrase ‘works universally’ simply means that your flip book should be compatible with all devices available in the world. Further, it should be compatible with all operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, etc), and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). It is a must-have feature owing to the fact that you do not know what device, OS, or browser your potential customers are using.

Search engine optimization friendly

SEO or search engine optimization friendly is an important feature which should be there in your flip book. SEO is basically a process of optimizing your content according to the guidelines of search engine crawling technology. For this, you need to add certain elements in your website. An end to end quality flip book software has this feature. Using high-quality software assures you that you are making your SEO friendly.

YouTube & Vimeo

You should have the feature to include your YouTube and Vimeo videos in your flip book. This way you can promote your YouTube & Vimeo as well as engage your readers. Further, a lot of people wish to watch videos in content as this is an amazing entertaining element. If your potential flip book software does not provide the option to directly stream your YouTube and Vimeo videos, it should be a big no-no.

Social media integration

Let us accept the fact that social media platforms are the most important part in all our daily lives. Your flip book should have the feature to share your content to social media platforms for instance Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Additionally, this is a great way to gain followers on your social media pages.

Custom design

Design customization is something which should be provided by your flip book software. You should have the features to customize the theme, logo, background, and colors of your flip book that go with your brand. This customization process should be easy. Even if you are not a tech savvy individual, you could carry out the customization without any hassles.


Link integration is no doubt one of the most important features of flip book software. With link integration you can do a lot of things such as user engagement, improve search engine results pages ranking, and much more.

Integrated stats

This feature is something which provides you with crucial insights about your content in order that you can make improvements accordingly. Google Analytics integration provides you data such as demographics, location, device, and more. Further, it provides you stats like what pages have been viewed by the most, etc.

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